Cloud 9 Services

SMB Hosting
Store your files with Cloud 9 and access everything you need seamlessly from your location. Benefit from the speed of our processors while keeping your data safe.

High Speed Internet
All the speed with none of the limits. We offer high speed internet service with no cap!

VoIP Phone
Our phone service allows anywhere with a internet connection to be your office. Forget about the crowded Friday drive and take your executive quality phone with you up to the lake this summer. When business hours are over, simply disconnect. All while using the same phone number your clients are already familiar with.

Data Backup
Regularly backing up your data on at least one reliable source is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. The computer savvy customers of today will not accept data loss as an excuse for poor service from any company. We provide everything you need to ensure your data will be safe and sound.

Data Disaster Recovery
Bad things happen. Whether a natural disaster or technological sabotage, recovery is necessary to maintain your business through these unpredictable events. Cloud storage provides a stand-by preventative measure so your business is minimally affected in times of such disaster.