Why should I choose “Cloud Services” at all?

The term “Cloud Services” often generates many questions. Where is this “cloud”? Is it actually safe to trust an outside source to manage data vital to your business?  Is it smart to rely on technology your company isn’t running itself? Unbelievably, it wasn’t so long ago businesses were asking very similar questions about another necessary service, electricity.

At the turn of the century, companies generated their own electricity and vehemently resisted switching to the centralized power stations beginning to appear across the country. It didn’t take long, however, for companies to realize the money, time, and resources saved by taking advantage of the larger stations’ superior economics of scale. The old model quickly gave way to the new and today, no one could imagine adding the burden of power generation to an individual business.

Even in the 1960s, as the modern computer made its debut into the workplace, early adopters predicted that one day computing would be organized as a utility; now is the time. Soon we’ll look back at our current era of overloaded PCs, cumbersome software, and hefty hardware price tags and shake our heads, wondering how we managed it all.